Pelican brand, #1510, hard case.

Some basic info on the case:
Made of a pretty much unbreakable copolymer and it is water tight and air tight (also has a pressure relief valve in case of atmosphere change).
It has two very oversized and sturdy latches with two reinforced padlock holes beside each.
It has a side and top handle, good grip and sturdy...never any fear for breakage for weight.
Also an extendable handle and small wheels for wheeling around as luggage. Speaking of luggage, it is sized for carry-on luggage size as well (meeting FAA requirements).

It came with an 11 piece padded divider, but first I used a seperate pluck out foam insert in the case that I ordered seperately. After a bit of time though, some of the pluck out foam was coming out without being plucked, plus you couldn't make many changes to re-arrange equipment without ordering a new foam insert. So I eventually went to the padded divider that came with it and have been happier using that.

I have been able to fit in the case: a D40 with a battery pack on the bottom (though the camera must be turned to sit in the case face down because it is too tall with the battery pack on it. I did use a piece of foam under it and was still able to store a 50mm lens under the camera in the foam). I have four lenses of different sizes stored vertically, plus a 70-200 canon lens; though I had to store it sideways in order to fit in the case (plus the 50mm lens). I also have a D30, 2 Flashes, a battery pack for the flash, an epson backup reader and a variety of other small accessories stored in it as well. In fact, about the only piece of equipment I regularly use that won't fit inside it is my stroboframe and that is just because it is pretty oddly shaped.

The one extra piece I ordered that has been extremely useful was the lid organizer. It comes with an egg carton like foam insert in the lid, but you can pull that out and mount this organizer inside. I really don't see how the case would work without having to carry some other piece of small items without this lid organizer. (That is actually where I store the flash battery pack, the epson backup drive, a ton of batteries, filters, cords, locks, locking cables, etc).

All in all, if you need a case, I would definitely recommend this one. I'm a glutton for organizational stuff, and out of the probably ten different bags and cases I have, this one has been the most versatile and useful.

B&H photo carries it (in a few other colors I believe as well if you dont want basic black) as well as all the accessories. Can't say enough about B&H photo either, they have been great to me and recommend them for anything you might need.

B&H photo page: 1510 Pelican case