I wanted to bring a little attention to a service that we offer. It's a not one of the big ones that gets a lot of attention and it's a normal part of what we do to process our own photography. But we offer very reasonable rates for retouching and design work. As long as you have the rights or permissions for us to retouch your photo we can often put the extra polish on your pictures or save a photo that might otherwise be unusable.

The collage below are all photos retouched by us and were from a bellydance forum I post at. Every photo had different amounts of changes made. Every picture had airbrushing to eliminate blemishes and smooth skin as well as touch ups to remove anything else that might destract from the normal beauty of these young women. In addition to those changes: Picture 1 also had some antiquing effects done to it and some desaturation. Picture 2 has an entirely new background. Picture 3 had a table in front of the dancer removed as well as some clean up for grain and poor contrast. Picture 4 had some color corrections made. Picture 5 had miscellaneous stuff removed from the floor behind the dancer and other clean up. Picture 6 had a black background added for use in flyers. Picture 8 had recropping, some grain cleanup and audience heads removed from the bottom. And Picture 9 had grain cleanup, red eye removal and an item removed from foreground. All in all I've worked on about 3 dozen sets of photos for dancers from this forum of varying requests. I appreciate working with them, but also wanted to remind any readers that we do this sort of work for any and everyone.

Costs will vary depending on the amount of work needed, we will give you a quote before work is started and tell you what to expect from the work as well. The picture we have to start with can make a lot of difference in what we end up with (bigger the picture size the better always helps also). Having items completely removed or new backgrounds added obviously take more work than basic airbrushing and corrections, so keep that in mind as well.