Well, this review is going to pretty much consist of me gushing for this product as it seems to have been custom made for the way I work.

I used to have the standard camera strap on my camera and carry it sideways from shoulder to hip. This often caused complications when it came time to pull the camera up to my face to shoot especially if I wanted some extra movement. It just wasn't made to slide back and forth from that position with a regular camera strap. Plus sometimes I wanted the strap gone and it's not a fast process to remove those most of the time.

All that is gone with the allows me to carry the camera at my hip and has a slider that is connected to the tripod mount on the bottom of your camera. This not only allows you to quickly slide the camera up to your face, while giving you greater movement at the same time; but also keeps the camera itself, while resting at your hip, from pointing straight out to bang into stuff lens first! It comes with a small lock-nut style piece to attach to the tripod mount on your camera or you can use the tripod plate (if you have one) that normally snaps into the tripod to clip the R-Strap to. So you can quickly disconnect the R-Strap totally if you want and snap it right onto a tripod in a couple seconds.

I absolutely love this thing. Like a lot of equipment, sometimes the smallest and cheapest gadgets are the ones that seem to blow me away.
If you want to check out more about the R-Strap, visit their website:


My friend and partner Angela/Alima Dusana has been working on getting this restaurant in our area for a while now: Orapax. It's been a tough one to get, dancers as long as she has lived in the area have tried and failed. And using an idea I threw at her one day, she was able to grab the owners attention and since then they have come up with a pretty good arrangement.

I wonder how many dancers will double their efforts at the restaurant now that they see someone is dancing there...I guess it's only natural. The owner nick told her not to worry about it and hopefully he means it because there just aren't that many top level dancers in the area, so keeping the quality of the dance up will only help it long term.

If you live in the Hampton Roads area and want a fun night out, please come out and support her new endeavor. The food is great there and she is probably one of the best, if not the best bellydancer in the area (seriously).

You can always check out her website for upcoming shows:
But I do know the dates set up so far are: March 14th, March 28th, April 18th & May 2nd.


Well, I decided last night that sleep was over-rated and stayed up processing pictures. Not only did I work on the stuff I shot last night, but also an older shoot that I was converting to b&w/sepia for the whole shoot.

And this is the hafla my friend Alima held again last night. Looks like this little party she keeps throwing every few months is getting bigger and bigger. And fun too I have to say. And if you are any sort of dancer or musician in the hampton roads area and want to participate; send her an email:, she keeps it open to all types of dance and music.

I have to admit, it's fun getting to check out all these parties and shows and meet all of these beautiful and sweet outgoing ladies isn't too bad either.


I forgot to mention this for a couple reasons. One the magazine cover kind of overshadowed it to me I suppose. And two, because I had to contact the paper for using a photo without permission or credit. The permission I wasn't too worked up about because I would have given it for a dancer to use as promotion; but would have been nice to have my name under the picture instead of 'provided photo'.

They did say they would run a blurb with credit in the next issue of the magazine insert that this was published in for the paper. But oh well, still nice to see my stuff out there.