Pretty cool! I was asked to submit a photo to the theme of "solace" to the editors of If Journal and they liked what I came up with:

You can check out there website at: If Journal

I've never been much for trying to come up with theme pictures. I usually think my idea of a given theme is probably much different than the publishers/editors idea and the few ideas they had thrown out to me were not exactly what I was picturing. One thing I've always felt though, if you are going to do something, do something the way you'd love it done...especially when it is something artistic. So I was very relieved that they loved the image so much.

And thank you so much to my model: Angela (aka: Alima Dusana) for doing this last minute and in the freezing cold and wet grass!

Edit for follow-up: I've received tons of good feedback on the image from them as well. Thank you to everyone for their compliments (they're always appreciated).