Saturday night I attended a "hafla" thrown by Alima Dusana that was the first such dance party she has put together since starting her own dance business. I have been to many of these type of parties and I have to say this was the largest and most entertaining one I've been to and considering she was out of town for weeks before this and didn't even have as much time to promote it as she wanted, I was really impressed by the turnout and dancers.

Aside from bellydancing from both experienced dancers (one of them five months pregnant!) and new students we also got treated to live drumming (by a very talented James Banner) with dancing, ballroom dancing, meringe dancing, hip hop, some improv dancing and greek line dancing as well as some improv music as guitarists and drummers played together. Not to mention that it was a desert party as well, so there were plenty of tasty treats and wine in addition to the festivities. I can't wait to see what she does when she has more time to put it together like she had hoped for, because in my opinion, it came out pretty darn well as it was.

Congrats to Alima for hosting such a great party. Anyone that wants to find out more about her future events or dance and music classes, please visit her website: and contact her through it.


Scott Bulger Photography said...

Great post Jeremy. It seems like it was a lot of fun!

Jeremy Shane said...

Thank you.
and yea, it really was, love these types of parties.