Ah, saturday. The weather is a little bit muggy here and we have a lot of smoke covering us from the fire down in NC and the dismal swamp; so that has not been real fun. But, the day is starting to clear up some, thought the heat is still bad. I actually think I missed it in AZ, even though it was like ten degrees or so hotter, the dryness actually does make a big difference. Anyways...

Just wanted to throw up a new picture, I was going through old shoots archiving stuff and came across one I never did much with. Probably because I used an almost identical shot, but much closer up instead of this one originally. But looking at it again, I think both the close-up and this shot both came out well. But mainly it just reminds me of how many friends I have made working with the people I shoot. Sure, I don't hang out with them constantly, but I think almost every single person I've shot, either in portraits or weddings, I've made friends with one way or another. So, that is Tina up there, she is a great model and from what I understand a great dancer and a pretty cool lady as well.

And as far as my blog post the other day asking for help getting published, I just wanted to thank everyone for voting and viewing my picture. I won't know how it goes until voting closes in just over a month's time, so I may post a bulletin for help again here and there. But for all the help so far, thank you!! The support is always appreciated!

Have a good weekend everybody.


Well, I'm glad this isn't one of those post a blog everyday blogs. Anyways, been busy between photography and writing and helping my friend with her business as well. Finished her business cards and getting her website set up as well now. That picture up there is her son, I took pictures at his graduation. I don't remember having that many awards from the entire time I was in school, much less from one year. He's a smart kid, too smart for his own good sometimes I think.

I have been working on the movie John Adams throughout the last week. It was an HBO mini-series, 7 hours long. Great movie if you like history, I really enjoyed it. So if you do like history, go watch it!

And for a fan of comic books, this summer has been pretty fun at the movies. I loved Iron Man and Hulk and cannot wait for Dark Knight next month. Wanted looks pretty good as well. Outside of reading, movies has been my other recreation.

My brother is moving into his new house with his new wife next week. I haven't seen the place in person, but the pictures look pretty nice. So I'll be working with him next week getting them moved in.

Anyways, enough of this blog. My head is in ten different places as you can tell from this post. I'll try to come up with something more constructive next time.

I'll try to gather some more photography to put up as well. I have been seeing a lot of photography lately from clients that I had shot previously and whoever they have worked with since then just makes me shake my head. And that is like not one client, but five different clients with different photographers. Anyways, I'm going before I get too negative.