OK. I didn't think much about it at first, after all, the story was published in the Sun. But I have seen it picked up by actual news sites and on several forums; so I have to point out what this is.

What it claims to be is a picture of a ghost. A young boy in scotland took this picture and says it was with a digital camera and was not a double exposure and that nobody was around at the time.

What it is: a picture taken without a flash, hence the yellowish cast and the blurry picture (even the banisters and carpet-- things that don't move are blurry) because it was a long exposure. If you have a digital camera and the flash is turned off, the camera will sense this and leave the shutter open for longer to get enough light to expose the image. This is where you get the yellowish cast (from incandescent lights in the room-- it would be greenish if it were flourescent lighting).

So, if the shutter is open for ten seconds to expose the picture and someone walks by on one of the landings and nobody notices, that person would probably only be walking by for a few seconds of the exposure. Placing your hand on the banister while the rest of you walks by will mean your hand will be the one thing that is in the same spot the longest, so your body will be a blur, but your hand will be clearer. But you still are not there the whole time, so even your hand will look transparent.

Here, I spent about thirty seconds creating this picture. My camera was sitting on a desk, so will probably be clearer since it wasn't hand held. But it is a long exposure and I walked in front of the camera, stopped and moved my body around. So the only thing that stayed in one place were my feet. So the only thing you can see is my transparent feet (because even though they were there the longest, they were not there for the whole exposure). If I had moved my body around less, then you might at least be able to see it as a blur as well, but I probably moved it around more than I needed to. The other image is where I walked out of the room and stuck my head back in for about half the exposure. If I had my head there longer, then it would be less transparent and more clear and shorter it would be more transparent and more ghostly. Both of these were also taken with digital cameras:

Discussions about whether or not you believe in ghosts aside. I've never seen a convincing photo that I couldn't have faked myself pretty easily. Sometimes I think people like to come up with some supernatural explanations for things when they don't know the answer to, instead of just saying I don't know. Here you have people, that if they didn't set the photo up, took a picture and it unfolded as above and because they didn't know why it happened and didn't know someone walked by the landing; immediately assumed it was a ghost.


I'm slacking on the blog, I know. I've been working on a couple of projects recently and haven't been making time on the side for this. While I've been working on the photography business of course, I've also pulled my old notes out for my book I was working on years ago and started putting pieces together to start working on that again. So usually by the time I'm through messing around with that, my brain hurts and I don't feel like writing, even on here sometimes.

A few weeks ago my brother got married also. His wedding was probably one of the most fun I've been to, and I've been to a lot of weddings. Although, I wasn't really working at this one, so that helped. I did take some pictures, like the one at the top of the page, but I might have sampled a few beverages and I also let my date run around with my camera. She took most of the pictures that day, like the ones around this paragraph with me in them. But it was also like a mini-family reunion where we got to see some family I haven't seen for years and years. And the weather held out great all that weekend too, things couldn't have been more perfect. So congratulations to them.

I also recently changed part of my business profile. I know it may be shocking to other photographers, but it is something I have fought with since I started doing this. And that is releasing the full-size digital files to my clients. Between shooting personal events like weddings and parties where people are always wanting the "negatives" and many portraits where I've shot professionals that need to use their photos in a variety of ways, I have negotiated the release of those files several times in the past. I also had offered them for sale anyways and have seen several other photographers offer them for sell or give them to the client after a year. But I just couldn't justify holding onto the images just to make clients buy prints through me that have been marked up so I could make a profit. The way I saw it, I already got paid to take the pictures or design the images, so I felt like It was unnecessary for the most part. And aside from the markup of me having to order images, cover specials offered through the company, pay a monthly membership to the company, cover shipping in my costs and still have some sort of markup to make a little something; I just felt like it was too overpriced for me to play middle-man. Now granted, I don't want customers running to Wal-mart and the like to get printed, but they can still get professional quality prints at several local shops or online for much better deals than I can offer. Also in todays time, I think that there are a lot of specialty products you can find out there that no studio can sign up to offer everything. Not too mention, many people view images online as much as they do in a photo-album nowadays.

And I still carry several specialty products that are hard to find good quality products of (because many retailers of albums and other products only sell to professional studios). So if someone wants me to design and order a custom album, or a gallery wrapped canvas print or have oversized posters printed; I still work with several different companies to be able to do this.

But all in all, it just feels like the right fit for me. Feels like something I think customers want and makes it easier on me. Now I can archive files as soon as I am finished an release the files to my clients. So we'll see how it works out in the long run.

I also have been talking with a local store, the heritage, about doing an artshow there where I will be selling prints of my work. This will mostly be landscape and various nature shots. I'm still deciding what I want to create prints of, so we'll see. And I have to order the oversized wall prints still, so this will probably be later in the year. But it's still nice to have someone jump at the chance to have a show with you.