Well, my picture is from a shoot I am finishing up from last weekend. The clients don't like myspace though, so I'm not posting their stuff on my myspace. You will have to check out my eblogger blog or just visit my actual website to see their entire photoshoot. It went well and was a lot of fun.

Leap day is our extra day I guess. I didn't do much useful with it though. I wish it didn't exist after today to tell you the truth.

A lot of stuff has been going on personally. A lot of tension with friends and friends of friends. Sometimes I feel like I just don't want any friends anymore. Ever feel like that? Ever feel like it's not worth getting your hopes up or getting involved with things because you are just going to be let down in the end? And you keep putting yourself in situations like that and expect things to go your way eventually? (I think that's the definition of crazy) (or stupid) I always liked being alone anyways. Even when I had that clique of friends throughout my life, I was always the odd man out. Never really had that single friend that became my best friend. I'm just not good at this I guess. Oh well, enough whining. It's confusing with me going round and round so generally anyhow I'm sure. Just venting.

So, go visit my site. www.jeremyshanephotography.com It's laid out pretty simply. Check out my portfolio and the recent shoots at the bottom of that page. I've had fun with everybody I've got to work with so far from portrait shoots to weddings. So looking forward to more.