A few innocent pictures above that have nothing to do with my rant. This is not any sort of educational or work related post, so run away if you want to avoid raw opinions.

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about all of the people I come across in life. But have you ever met people that are "characters" of themselves? That don't seem like real, down-to-earth people? I mean, everybody has their facade and I'm not talking about that, I'm talking those people that you normally only see on a comedy sports movie where each position is played by someone so cheesy and shoved into this generic, stereotypical character roll that it only happens in the movies. Well, no... it doesn't. I have met the tough guys that just won't stop acting like the grew up in a war zone or gangland. I have met people that seem so into their urban tough guy or girl rolls that they act like the section of the beach they live on is just like Compton. I have met hippy free-lovers that seem so lost up in the aura of life that I think they are constantly on something. I have met guys that seem to think that the snide jokes they make on internet forums (or blogs, heh) are actually funny and expect people in real life to respond how they fantasize they react online, I met a guy that acts like the dali lama (or at least he did until someone told him his car needed to be moved, then he cussed and moaned all the way out to his car and said he was just going home since he couldn't park where he wanted to). The list goes on.

Anyways, its funny meeting these folks casually, but annoying when you try to get to know them any more than that and they don't show any depth to their personality past the character they have created for themselves in their head.