Well, it hasn't been as interesting a couple days as you might think. Just normal old work stuff, fishing another site I was working on and made some more changes to my non-myspace site. Don't know what was wrong with me the other day, but I felt like I was getting sick or something. I was very very weak and had a bad headache, but slept it off.

It was a beautiful day today, wish I could have made a little more out of it. But didn't have time to really get out and enjoy it for a very long time.

Watched Obama come in second in NH to Hillary. That kinda sucked. I like Obama. I know they want to make him seem inexperienced, but the only thing he seems to be lacking is a bunch of washington corruption. And it's not like a lot of experience has helped too many other presidents. He wants to do what is right and is smart enough to do it, that's pretty important I think. But anyways, he doesn't need me to speak for him, he is an excellent speech maker. His speech last night was one of the best political speeches I've seen in a long time. I hope he continues to gather momentum. We need something different than more of the same, plus Hillary, aside from being more of the same, the Clintons are also way to entrenched with Chinese business and with the way China is getting away with murder now, it would only get worse then. Still not sure what is going on with the republican side. Don't really know who looks good or who will do well yet.

My friend Angela got her gig at the Y confirmed, so that is good news. I think she will have fun teaching, I can tell how much she enjoys it. Plus the kids love the Y, so if they don't have school, they will be able to go with her.