I really love photography. I am definitely glad that I am doing this full time now. But there is a big difference between what I'm doing now and what I used to do with Sears. For several years, I worked my way up into management with them and was last working as an assistant store manager. And of course, I figure if I can run a 13 million dollar a year department for another company and do it successfully, then I should be able to run my own company. And for the most part there are enough similarities that I am comfortable and I have had enough business classes to handle the other things that aren't quite the same.

What is really different though is the not getting up and going to work everyday where I am going to see a hundred different coworkers and hundred of people coming and going throughout the day. I don't even see quite as many people in a week than I would see in a day there. And I'm not social butterfly, but I was used to it and do like talking to (nice) people. I don't mind not seeing the nasty people of course. Even when I shoot weddings it is still usually on a small scale compared to what I'm used to. I see all these photographer stories about how hard weddings are and how much some don't like them. But maybe because I have been in charge of various departments during things like: The Day after Thanksgiving sales, inventories, remodels and such, I am very used to the pressure. Plus I have shot plenty of weddings, so I usually know what to expect and I actually love shooting events. But I digress... I guess I just realized the other day how lonely this type of work can be. Sure I see my friends and I see clients, but I guess I just have to adjust to the smaller scale of people passing through my life.