I BOUGHT: www.jeremyshanephotography.com TODAY

Well, it's been a long couple of days, but looks like I'll get to relax tomorrow maybe. Who knows, I'm sure I'll manage to find some trouble to get into.

My friend Angela had her first class at the YMCA in great bridge this week. She is teaching a bellydance exercise class and apparently she had a great turnout. They are talking about going to two days a week already. I saw her plan for the class and it looked good and I know she knows here stuff, so I'm not surprised it was well received, but I was a little shocked that it had such a big turnout on the first day. Sounds like a good start. And we all need a good start!

On a side note, I bought my domain today. I've had my website hosted through .mac for a bit now. http://web.mac.com/jeremyshane. But I know everyone is used to the generic old www.whatever.com so I bought: jeremyshanephotography.com today. It is kinda nice to have your own domain all wrapped up.