Don't have much to say today. I have been sort of busy, but sort of not. Hard to explain and not that interesting. Just wanted to post up a picture of a type of work I really enjoy doing. Most photographers that can retouch their photos can also probably do the same things I can do. But just like anything else concerning photography or art, you go with a photographer often because of their artistic vision as much as you do because of their technical skills.

I like running my images through photoshop to clean them up and give them a certain polish for normal pictures, but I also like creating artwork in photoshop. I have seen a lot of great work like this, even more detailed. But much like my photography, I seem to have a certain liking for absence of space or simplicity. This piece I just wanted to look like a partial painting on a canvas, showing just her face and left at that. It turned out pretty much how I wanted it to. Simple though.