Between yesterday and today I managed to finish my friends website: Amaris' MySpace and completed a good portion of the wedding booklet I'm working on and finished processing and uploading another shoot and prepping an album and met with a client and ran some errands and...I can't even remember everything at this point. I still have one other website to start on and a poster design to finish for another client.

One of my friends is going through a change in her life concerning her career; well, really two of my friends are. I saw them today (that picture up there is of one of them and her daughter chloe) and had lunch with them. I'll post more about all that on another day though. But it was nice to get to visit with them and play with the kids.

I need to take a nap. I also need to clean and make time to work on my book. I had it plotted out to chapter 8 the other day. Which is a lot further than I've ever gotten on it before. And I need to call three different clients. And...I'm sure I need to do a lot of other things. But right now, I just need a nap. And I'm going to take one.