Well, it's New Year's eve and tonight is the day where everybody makes a lot of resolutions that change their life right? I'm not so sure about that...we all try I guess. I know my life is completely different from what it was a year ago and that has little to do with any resolutions. Or maybe it does. The last couple years, my resolution has been to simply live life better this coming year than I did the last and aside from a few stumbling blocks (some big) I think I am on the right track. Next year I expect will be much better.

I do wish everyone a safe new years and a happy one. Don't worry about those resolutions where you promise to make more money, lose more weight, do this or do that. Just promise yourself to be happy and that your life will be better this time next year and let the rest work itself out as you get to that point. And keep reading my blog, that is sure to add happiness to your life!!! :)

Tonight I am going to a party at Voila for the New Years to watch some bellydancing and have a few drinks. It's a great place and the dancers I am going to watch have been great friends to me this year and I hope to see that friendship continue. But I like having something to do out to do, maybe I'm too old to just go to a bar and drink and hit on girls or something. I like going out to watch dancers or musicians and spending time with close friends more than anything else. What better way to ring in the new year.

As everyone says way to often around this time... See you next year!