I shot a game for the Va Beach PD Soccer Club. They played against Newport News and the game ended up a tie at 1-1. Good game.

Full set at Flickr: VBPDSC pics


I would love to be able to take shots like this, mainly because I'd love to have the underwater or waterproof camera equipment they usually use to get these shots. Most shots I take of surfers have to be with a telephoto from the shore and you just don't have the ability to capture shots this dynamic from there. To see more work like this, please visit surfermag.com.


Something I wanted to do with a follow-up to a maternity shoot I did months ago. I got a couple other non reflection shots I want to work on that I happened to get at the same time; but this one came out pretty much how I wanted it to. In fact, I pictured the mother not interacting with the picture and the baby laying there; but of course you have to kinda go with what the baby does. I actually like the fact that he was staring at the camera better that just laying there sleepy like. Something more powerful about that.

You can see a bigger version at my deviantart page if you wish: Click here

And thank you so very much to Amber for letting me run into the middle of her day while she is in the middle of not only taking care of a newborn and her little girl, but also getting ready to move out of the country.

UPDATE: The response on various sites I have put the picture on has been great. Thank you to everybody for your comments. This picture after one day is already the sixth most popular photo in my deviant gallery and has about 60% as many favorites as other pictures that have been up for nearly two years now. On other sites where I don't have as strong a presence, the photo has still received about five times the amount of favs and comments as my other photos. I'm glad everyone has liked the work so far and I've also seen several tell me they had to look twice to see the baby vs belly reflection.


One day soon I hope to be pushing my own writings on you, but for now you will have to settle for me pushing a book by a friend of mine. I've met a lot of interesting people through the bellydance community and Karla is one of them. Many of the performers dance in their spare time and do a variety of things in their day to day lives. Although I believe Karla has the normal daily grind type of job as well, she also has managed to work on another of her passions when she has time and is now a published author.

Karla Reese both wrote and illustrated "Mother Nature Takes a Vacation" and when "Mother Nature goes on vacation. Soon enough, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer trade places leading to confusion and chaos. The animals don’t know how to behave, tornados and hurricanes blow, things get turned upside down and sideways. Will Mother Nature return in time or will chaos rule?"

Please visit the website for more information on the book:

or you can purchase it online through these retailers:
Barnes & Noble
Amazon books

and if you live in the Virginia Beach area, it can also be purchased at the Heritage Store.


I guess you could call these pictures I wish I took. But they are just pics I've come across that make me laugh. The ones I felt ok putting up on my blog anyways. Hopefully they can pass on a smile to you as well.